About Us

MattHello. My name is Matt Lampasona. About 30 years ago I started pushing a lawnmower around my old neighborhood. Ever since then I have been helping people maintain and improve their homes. I am still  helping some of the same people I began helping decades ago, and I am now happy to call them friends.

Home Help Hero is the culmination of years of work experience and professional degrees in business and social work. It emerges from my sincere satisfaction in caring for people and places; putting forth effort and seeing a landscape or a homescape improve. There is real joy in culminating relationships with people, their homes and their patch of nature.

My philosophy is simple: Be honest, reliable, and courteous. Provide necessary and valuable services to people at a price that is fair to them, to me, and to my employees. Perform those services professionally and thoroughly.

All employees of Home Help Hero who enter your house have been CORI checked. A CORI check verifies that a person does not have a criminal record.